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Flower Essences

Flower essences are infusions of flowers and plants in water which are diluted then potentised and stabilised in a solution of brandy and water. They are quite different to essential oils and herbal tinctures in that they hold the imprint, or energetic pattern of each flower or plant which is why they are so safe to take. Flower essences are both wonderfully powerful yet gentle at the same time. They can be used with confidence on everyone from babies and the very elderly and bring about profound change.

How might flower essences help me?

Flower essences are very effective in helping us to recognize and resolve limiting or destructive patterns of behaviour. They can help us deal with stress and the effects of stress, and so experience greater well-being and harmony in our lives. By creating harmony within us we often notice distinct changes in ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. Flower essences can help give us the courage, strength and commitment needed to follow and pursue our goals and dreams.

How do flower essences work?

As we take the flower essence our vibration changes and we begin to resonate in harmony with the qualities of the flower or plant. They do not force change, but rather affect a gradual shift in consciousness.

What is the history of flower essences?

Flowers have been used to treat negative emotions since ancient times, particularly in Ancient Egypt, Australia, India, Asia and South America. They were popular in Europe in the Middle Ages and it is documented that muslin was lain across certain flowers at night so it collected the morning dew which was then used to treat emotional states. This healing method was re-discovered in the early part of the 1900s by Dr Bach who pioneered their use today. Since then many more ranges of flower essences have been developed which help us to deal with the issues current at this time.

What people say about flower essences

Petra K (Upper Norwood) said about her flower essence treatment: "The pain in my back has completely gone after having suffered it for so many months. I can't believe that those flower essences are so powerful. It's like magic."

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