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Treatment Overview

Alison uses kinesiological manual muscle testing to assess the body's imbalances, and suggests a treatment plan according to the feedback the body gives through the muscle testing. The treatment plan may involve the use of herbs, flower essences, nutrients, gentle structural realignment, suggested dietary changes, stress release techniques, acupressure and many others.

Treatments unique to you

The exact treatment you receive is dependent upon the feedback your body gives through kinesiology muscle testing. Therefore no guess work is necessary, and no two sessions of treatment are ever the same. Even people with similar symptoms may have entirely different treatment plans because each client is treated as the unique individual they are. Alison's truly holistic approach of addressing both physical and mental & emotional issues makes it an especially powerful healing system.

What do treatments involve?

To learn more about what specific treatments involve, view the pages below:

Cranial Therapy
Flower Essences
Theta Healing
Emotional Freedom Technique
Matrix Reimprinting

How many treatments are needed?

This depends very much on each individual and usually improvement is felt after 1-3 treatments. Regular balancing sessions have been shown to be a very productive way of maintaining good health as well as for regaining it.

Your health is your most valuable possession. Guard it with care.

Alison's Workshops

Coming soon: "Candida, the Scourge of Modern Times" and "The Callahan Technique, Tapping for Personal Empowerment."
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Wellbeing & Vitality

Alison uses natural medicine and a combination of treatments, learning and coaching.
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Sessions for children

The gentle, natural medicines Alison uses can be used safely for treating children, including babies and infants.
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