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The Callahan Technique

Tapping for Personal Empowerment

Although it is often overlooked, emotional health is essential to physical health and healing. No matter how much attention you pay to having a good diet and lifestyle, you will not achieve optimum health if emotional barriers stand in your way. The Callahan Technique is a simple yet remarkable healing system which assists the individual to feel differently about stressful events, situations or feelings. It uses tapping on certain meridian (energy pathway) points while the client focuses on a specific distressing emotional issue and voices an affirmation. As you tap, the energy settles the disturbance in the meridians and the level of emotion associated with the problem reduces.

How might The Callahan Technique help me?

The Callahan Techniques a simple yet powerful way of releasing fears, phobias, anxieties, angers, addictions, resentments, low self-esteem, and all kinds of emotional issues bringing you more health, joy and abundance.

How does The Callahan Technique work?

The theory behind the Callahan Technique is that all emotional upsets disturb the body's meridian energy system. When we correct the disturbance the emotional upset dissipates. The intention is for the client to be able to think about an issue or stressful event without stress or excessive emotion. Depending on the severity or depth of the problem, the client may get quick relief after a few minutes of tapping, or may need to focus and tap on many different aspects of the problem.

What is the history of The Callahan Technique?

Dr Roger Callahan, a psychologist in the US, pioneered this treatment. He was working with a woman who was terrified of water and he decided to try tapping certain meridian points after which she rushed off and jumped into his swimming pool.

What people say about The Callahan Technique

Vicky G. (Penge) said about her treatment: "It's been wonderful being treated by Alison. It's not the same when you do it to yourself. It works on such a deep level. It's helped me with many issues, most recently with my difficulty going on trains."

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