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Natural healthcare that can change your life

Alison Manos is an extremely talented and experienced practitioner and has helped hundreds of people of all ages to re-balance their health and well-being. She uses kinesiology to assess the body and identify imbalances.

Working in this way means thereís no guess work involved in formulating a treatment plan for each individual client. Whether your need is for nutritional, emotional or structural re-balancing, Alisonís wealth of knowledge of herbs, nutritional supplements, diet and food sensitivity testing, emotional healing techniques, and gentle structural re-alignment is there to help.

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Your health is your most valuable possession. Guard it with care.

Alison's Workshops

Coming soon: "Candida, the Scourge of Modern Times" and "The Callahan Technique, Tapping for Personal Empowerment."
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Wellbeing & Vitality

Alison uses natural medicine and a combination of treatments, learning and coaching.
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Sessions for children

The gentle, natural medicines Alison uses can be used safely for treating children, including babies and infants.
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Recipes for healthy eating

Enjoy healthy home cooking with some of Alison's delicious food recipes.
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Alison's luxurious handmade health-care products are available exclusively to clients.
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